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Moodwonder is a brainchild of passionate IT Professionals with global experience. Having worked in various global organizations in different parts of the world, we felt that the most important missing link in personal and organization development in all these companies was - 'How are the employees and team members feeling?'. Of course, there are those annual or biannual satisfaction and/or engagement surveys, but they provide information too little and too late. And the policies based on those survey results lose their relevance or impact by the time those are rolled-out.

We at Moodwonder are trying to fill the gap between what’s happening on the ground and what needs to be done to have a happy work environment. The feedbacks from the employees should be short, accurate and instant. Our tool can be used by companies of all sizes, that are looking for feedback and suggestions to help them better understand their employees.

We also recognize the need for anonymity and privacy in this increasingly open and information rich age we live in. We have a Commitment to Anonymity to keep the survey results absolutely anonymous. We encourage everyone to participate and share their opinions in a comfortable and honest way.

We hope that you have the courage to change your team and company and make it more engaging for all employees!

People behind Moodwonder

Meet the team which wants to create truly engaging and motivating work environments.

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